Psychology | Langston University



The mission of the Department of Psychology is to prepare our students for entry-level professional positions and post-graduate and professional school studies. The program has an urban thrust that focuses on teaching our students how to navigate the pressures of an urban lifestyle and methods for how they can teach others in the community to cope with and adjust to urban conditions.  Our program is offered at all three of the Langston campuses: Langston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The Department of Psychology is committed to developing a sound academic foundation in our students for scholarly pursuits, as almost all vocational opportunities in the field require post-graduate degrees. Our faculty and staff also seek to enhance our student’s technical knowledge and skills. The department offers a wide range of courses that may help to fulfill requirements for other majors, as well as, general education courses.


For questions please contact Dr. Emily Patterson Harris, Chair of the Psychology Department. 

Advising for students is divided by last name.

Students with last names beginning A – F see Dr. Lawrence Murray

Students with last names beginning G – M see Dr. Susan Mathew

Students with last names beginning N – Z see Dr. Elizabeth Albright