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Title IX


It is the policy of Langston University that sexual harassment of faculty and staff is prohibited in the workplace and in the recruitment, appointment, and advancement of employees. Sexual harassment of students is prohibited in and out of the classroom and in the evaluation of students’ academic performance. It is also the policy of the University that accusations of sexual harassment that are made without good cause shall not be condoned. It should be remembered that accusations of sexual harassment are indeed grievous and can have serious and far-reaching effects upon the careers of individuals. This policy is equally applicable to faculty, staff, and students. This policy is in keeping with the spirit and intent of various federal guidelines that address the issue of fair employment practices, ethical standards, and enforcement procedures. 

The University will not tolerate retaliation against a person who, in good faith, brings a complaint forward. Retaliation against an individual who has brought a complaint forward or against an individual who has participated in an investigation or conduct process is prohibited. For more information, please see the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges Policy Manual, 3.11 Non-Retaliation.


The Langston University Sexual Harassment Policy and the Student Code of Conduct both specifically address gender discrimination. These two policies will be applied in harmony with one another wherever possible. However, to the extent that any of the provisions of this policy are in conflict with LU Policies & Procedures, the provisions of the Sexual Harassment Policy shall prevail. Any person having questions about the interaction of these two policies should contact Student Conduct. 

These policies are available online at:

Staff Handbook Policies and Procedures

Student Code of Conduct