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Letter From The President

Title IX

Letter From The President

Kent J. Smith, Langston University President

Greetings Faculty, Staff, and Students,

The safety and well being of all members of the Langston University community is our highest priority. To this end, Langston University takes the issue of sexual violence very seriously. The lasting effects of sexual assault and sexual violence are devastating. We must do all that we can to prevent its occurrence and respond swiftly and appropriately when it does occur. We take a proactive approach to stop sexual violence and assault through training and prevention programs. The entire university must work together collectively to cultivate a safe environment in which all members can live, work and learn safely and in a productive manner. Together, we can create an environment free from sexual assault, sexual violence, and gender discrimination.

I encourage you to review Langston University’s policies regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Staff Handbook. I encourage you to be familiar with these resources and use them to prevent and address sexual assault or harassment in an appropriate manner. We have made tremendous strides in our prevention measures and response to sexual assault; however, our work is not yet done. Sexual assault prevention is everyone’s responsibility. I invite you to take part in the trainings led by our Title IX Coordinators for the University. Please contact our Title IX Coordinators Theresa Graves, tdgraves@langston.edu, and Cynthia Buckley, csbuckley@langston.edu, for more information on upcoming training opportunities. If you have any concerns or need to report sexual assault or sexual harassment, please contact our Title IX Coordinators immediately.

Langston University offers on-campus support through our Counseling & Health Services Center, as well as Call SAM, a 24-hour crisis hotline after business hours and on weekends, at (855) 225-2726. Counseling resources on-campus are available by calling (405) 466-3400. I would encourage you to seek support if needed and utilize the resources available to you and to others in our community. At Langston University, we remain committed to cultivating a community focused on sexual assault prevention and providing support for survivors. We will continue working as a community to raise awareness through our “1is2Many” campaign and develop strong prevention programs for our students. Thank you for your continued support.


Kent J. Smith, Jr., Ph.D.