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Student Employment

Student Employment

The Langston University Student Employment Office is committed to making experiences as a student employee of Langston University as rewarding and convenient as possible. The purpose of the Federal-Work Study and Student Payroll programs is to provide part-time employment to eligible students needing income to assist in meeting educational costs. These programs encourage participation in community service jobs and can be used to create an employment history and to develop job skills.

Federal Work-Study Positions

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Payroll Positions

Only a few Payroll Jobs are announced, for tips on how you may be able to successfully get a payroll position check out the following: 1. Check with your major department to see if they have a need for Payroll Student Employees (i.e. professors, chairmen, dean) 2. Check with various departments around campus to see if they need to hire a Payroll Student 3. Always visit this site to view any announced Payroll Positions 4. Check around for flyers (especially during the Summer) that advertise Payroll Position Openings If you do the above, and you are offered a Payroll Position, please report to the Student Employment Office immediately to complete necessary paperwork. If this is your first time working on campus, please bring two forms of ID. For the complete listing of acceptable ID's click here. *DO NOT BEGIN WORK UNTIL APPROVED COPIES OF THE STUDENT EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION HAVE BEEN FORWARDED BACK TO YOUR HIRING DEPARTMENT*

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Student Employment 112 Page Hall P.O. Box 1205 Langston, OK 73050 (405) 466-3281 Phone (405) 466-6001 Fax

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