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Campus Alerts

Campus Alerts

To register to receive campus alerts, you will need to login into your campus email and follow the instructions form Langston University Alert System Email. If you did not receive this email you may register here. After going to the website listed above you will login with your username and password if you received the registration email. If you did not receive the email you will click the register button located on the left side of the page or the forgot your password link underneath the password box. New Users

  • New user will have to fill out the Create account form. The registration email must be your Langston University email address and the Password must contain at least 1 upper case letter and be at least 8 characters long. You do not have to provide a preferred email it is optional. After filling out the information click on the proceed to next step button.
  • Next the system will verify the carrier of your mobile device select it then click Proceed to Next Step.
  • They system will now send you a verification email to your Langston University email address. Now login into your campus email and click the link in the message the system sent to you. Once you click the link the system will send a confirmation text to your mobile device. Enter the 4-digit code and click the Finish button on the website. Upon doing the previous you are now setup in the Alert System for Langston University.

User that received Welcome Email

  • Click the link in your email and enter your username and password provided in the welcome email to login to the system.
  • Then read over the terms of use then click the box to accept them and click the submit button.
  • Then you will have to opportunity to add additional emails and phone numbers to the alert system. If you add an email or phone number you the system will have confirm the email by sending you’re a message and a phone number by sending a text with a 4-digit code to confirm your mobile device.

Confirm your telephone numbers

  • Go to the following website: register here
  • The user id is your Langston university Email address if you do not remember or have received your password click forgot password and it will be sent to you.
  • After logging into Rave system click on the pen and pad symbol next to your mobile number.
  • Next the system will display your phone number. Click the continue button to go to the confirm carrier.
  • Select your carrier and then click continue.
  • The system will now send a 4-digit code to your cell phone. Enter the code into the confirmation box on the website and click continue.
  • Click done now you have successfully setup your cell phone for the Rave system.
  • For more information, visit the FAQ page here.