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Dean of Students

Dean of Students

In support of Langston University and the mission of the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of the Dean of Students upholds standards of conduct to promote a civil community dedicated to the highest standards of respect, ethical behavior and accountability, and promotes a positive and safe living and learning environment for all members of the Langston University community. Through a student conduct system of fair and efficient due process, Langston students are held accountable for their actions on campus, within the local community and beyond.


1. Enforce the Student Code of Conduct to promote safety, accountability, integrity, and respect in the University community.
2. Provide counseling, conflict-resolution and mediation to students who have been referred to the judicial system.
3. Administer a fair, supportive and timely conduct process to address alleged violations of Langton University policies.
4. Ensure students have due process rights during judicial proceedings.
5. Integrate consequences with the opportunity for learning and making amends.
6. Facilitate educational programs and interventions that encourage responsible and ethical behavior.
7. Develop and support a safe living and learning environment.
8. Educate students regarding responsibility and accountability for their actions.
9. Establish, foster and enforce reasonable boundaries intended to protect the community and the rights of its members.
10. Encourage and foster self-reflection of behavior and actions.
11. Offer learning educational experiences for students, staff and faculty who participate in the ongoing maintenance, implementation and execution of the judicial process.
12. Develop and maintain comprehensive statistical and narrative data regarding all aspects of the student conduct process and engage in regular assessment of student conduct processes.

Student Conduct

The Langston University conduct system encourages students to assess how their attitudes, actions and behaviors impact the university community. Students are expected to obey the laws of the state of Oklahoma and the policies implemented by Langston University. These policies and procedures are designed for students to maintain a high level of respect for self, others and the institution. As members of the Langston University community, students willfully consent to following policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook while retaining certain rights. Through educational and/or punitive sanctioning, students are challenged and supported to become positive contributors to the university as well as the local and global communities. The Dean of Students, select student leaders, judicial hearing bodies, and the Vice President for Student Affairs jointly administer the Langston University conduct system. For more information, please consult the Student Handbook.

Langston University Student Code of Conduct

Resources for Sexual Misconduct

Lion Camp – New Student Orientation

Lion Camp is a time for new Langston students to come to campus, meet fellow Lions and begin their academic and co-curricular experience. The purpose of Lion Camp is to make your transition to college life as smooth and enjoyable as possible, while integrating you and your family into the Langston University community.

Lion Camp serves three main goals:
1. To welcome students to Langston University and engage them in the history, traditions and values of our community.
2. To introduce students to rigorous academic habits and the opportunities, responsibilities and resources available to encourage success.
3. To assist students in connecting with peers, university officials and the local community.

Residential Life and Housing Services 

Residential Life and Housing Services (RLHS) at Langston University consists of three areas to foster a “home-away-from home” atmosphere for all Langston students. Students can live in Centennial Court, Scholars Inn, or Langston Commons. They each add to the “home environment” we wish to foster for Langston students. For more information about Langston residential life, contact RLHS at (405)466-6028 or at

Parents And Families

Parent and Family programs provide parents and/or guardians an opportunity to play an active and supportive role in the matriculation of their student. The goals of Parent and Family programs are to:
1. Answer questions and provide critical information about Langston.
2. Provide opportunities for networking and relationship-building with other Langston families.
3. Enhance communication between the faculty, staff, students, and families.
4. Increase involvement of families in the Langston community.

Parent and Family programs help parents and family members of current students become active members of a lively and engaged community. Don’t miss the opportunity to share in the Lion experience!


Admission Clearance Form

LU Student Handbook

Langston University Weapons Policy

First Capital Trolley Schedule

Board of Regents for the Oklahoma A&M Colleges - Annual Free Expression Report

For Meal and Residency Exemptions, please contact Residential Life and Housing Services at for information on the process and any necessary forms.