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Steps in the Financial Aid Process

Steps in the Financial Aid Process


Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), according to the instructions.

If you have any problems or questions, call us at 405-466-3000. Complete the FAFSA at


    1. You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Please read the Student Aid Report to be sure that no corrections are necessary. If corrections are needed, contact our office.

    2. If your application has been selected for a process called “verification" or if notified by our office, your family is required to submit certain documents to Langston University to complete the review process.

    3. Upon receiving your documents, we will review the data submitted for accuracy and notify you of your awards. Completing applications incorrectly and/or omitting information on the application can cause processing delays.

    4. You must be admitted to LU in a degree-seeking program before aid eligibility may be determined.

    5. Grant and scholarship money is awarded first if you qualify. Then Federal Work Study and/or loans may be awarded depending on your financial aid preference and aid eligibility.

    6. Aid is typically made available 10 days after classes begin for the Fall and Spring semesters. Federal regulations prohibit disbursing aid earlier.

Use the aid you receive to cover any educationally related expenses. Some aid specifies what it can be used for, but most other assistance may be used for any educational expense after direct charges due to Langston University are paid. Educational costs include tuition, fees, room, board, books, transportation (including automotive maintenance but not purchase), and other personal expenses.