Sociology | Langston University




The Sociology program is designed to prepare students for a variety of career settings, further study at the graduate level, and active roles of responsible citizenship in the communities where they reside.


1. Introduce students to a broad spectrum of sociological knowledge, including its perspective, its history and its uses;

2. Enable students to develop critical thinking skills, comparative analysis, and competence in oral, written and interpersonal communication;

3. Enable students to understand their own culture and to learn to appreciate other diverse cultures;

4. Aid students in acquiring the educational foundation required for graduate study and for a wide variety of careers;

5. Provide students with practical experience in applied settings to enhance skills and develop contacts with potential employers;

6. Offer courses that meet the needs of students in other instructional areas;

7. Contribute to building a community of lifelong learners responsive to the needs of a continuously changing society.