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Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

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The mission of the Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (DRDS) is to train qualified personnel to provide quality rehabilitation and mental health services to persons with disabilities and to engage in ongoing research, information dissemination, and service to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities. LU offers a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Services, a Master’s of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Master’s of Science in Visual Rehabilitation Services.

1. To increase the number of qualified rehabilitation counselors and mental health professionals from traditionally underrepresented populations to work in the state and federal rehabilitation program or counseling-related agencies.
2. To provide high-quality academic training which is responsive to the needs of practicing Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselors from the Oklahoma Combined Rehabilitation Agency, the eight American Indian VR Programs, and community rehabilitation programs.
3. To present an academic curriculum that provides program participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies that emphasize independent living and that meet or exceed CACREP standards.
4. To prepare graduates for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) designation, and the Oklahoma Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential.
5. To place graduates in vocational rehabilitation and counseling positions in state-federal rehabilitation agencies, as well as in profit and non-profit entities.


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