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Pond Management Factsheets

Pond Management Factsheets

Aquatic Ecology (PDF)
Understanding the aquatic community and its inhabitants.

Conserving Water In Ponds
Ways to prevent water loss during times of drought.

Fish Gardening
Raise a crop of fish to fill the home freezer.

Controlling Aquatic Vegetation With Grass Carp
Remove noxious water weeds without herbicides.

Stopping Leaks In Ponds
Prevent and repair leaks in pond dikes and the pond bottom.

Yellow and Black Grubs In Fish
What they are and how to keep them out of your fish.

Benefits of a Well Managed Pond
What can you do with your pond?

Sportfish Management And Evaluation
Sportfish pond stocking and maintenance for recreation and food fish production. Evaluation of existing ponds for balance. Correcting common fish population problems.

Challenges To Sustaining Balanced, Quality Sportfish Ponds
Many things can occur that upset pond balance and reduce fish production and angling quality.

Spillway Screen Construction
You have a lot of time invested in producing a quality fish pond; do not lose your fish or allow entry of wild fish during heavy rains.

Simple Aeration Systems For Recreational Fish Ponds
Aerate your pond to increase fish production and help prevent low dissolved oxygen related fish kills.

Turtles and Turtle Traps
Learn about Oklahoma turtles. Build a trap if numbers are too high.

Pond Construction
Information you need to know before constructing a pond.

Pond Maintenance
Repairs and maintenance procedures to insure a long, useful life for the pond.

Liming Ponds
Lime application to increase alkalinity and pond production throughout the food chain.

Water Quality
A key guide to understanding and managing your pond.

Urban Pond Management
Special problems associated with urban ponds in housing additions and other public areas.

Home Food Fish Production In Ponds
How to raise fish for table and freezer.

Aquatic Vegetation Identification And Control
Illustrated guide to nuisance aquatic vegetation.

Pond Fish; Identification And Natural History
Illustrated guide to fish commonly found in Oklahoma ponds.

Clearing Muddy Ponds
Understand the causes of muddy pond water and how to clear up the situation.

Stocking Fish In The Pond
How to safely transport and stock fish into the pond.

Fish Mortality in Ponds
Natural and human causes of dead or dieing fish in ponds.

Aquatic Insect Identification and natural history
An illustrated guide to commonly found pond insects.

Fish Attractors For the Pond
How to construct and place fish attracting structure in ponds.

Home Bait Production: Earthworms
How to raise your own worms for fish bait or composting.

Home Bait Production: Mealworms
How to raise your own mealworms for fish bait or aquarium food.

Bait Minnow Production
How to construct a small recirculating tank for producing and holding minnows or other fish.

Identification and Life History of Common Aquatic Invertebrates
An Illustrated guide to commonly found pond invertebrates. (PDF file)

Attracting and Maintaining Wildlife (PDF)
How to attract waterfowl, birds, mammals and other wildlife to your pond.