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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many students will be accepted in each class? When do classes begin?
A maximum of fourteen students will be accepted into each class. Classes for the Year I students begin each year in June.

2. Is this a full time program or can one make it a part time program?
The Doctor of Physical Therapy at Langston University is a full time day program with scheduled courses five days per week. It consists of a structured curriculum, which requires commitment and dedication on the part of the student. Therefore, completing the program on a part time basis is not an option.

3. Is the DPT curriculum offered online or at Tulsa or Oklahoma City campuses?
No. The DPT curriculum is only offered on the main campus located in Langston, OK. Occasionally, students may attend a class at the Oklahoma City campus.

4. What does “entry - level professional degree” mean?
An entry-level professional degree is the first-professional degree obtained by a person seeking to join the profession of physical therapy. Students enrolled in the DPT Program progress towards completing the requirements for the DPT degree. Upon completion of the DPT degree program, and in accordance with state licensure board requirements, the graduate of the DPT program is eligible to take the national licensure examination for physical therapists.