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Practicum Forms/Documents

Practicum Forms/Documents

(RC 5683)

The practicum includes both on-campus classroom experiences [audio-video tapes (if allowed by agency) and individual and group interaction] dealing with rehabilitation counseling concerns, and clinical experiences (off-campus) that facilitate the development of basic rehabilitation counseling skills.

Listed below are electronic documents that you will need to successfully complete your practicum clinical experience portfolio.

Practicum Site Request Form(PDF)
Portfolio Cover Example (Staple & Office Depot) (PDF)
Sections of Practicum Portfolio (PDF)
Practicum Section Dividers (DOC)
Practicum Agreement Form (PDF)
Practicum Agreement Form (For Visual Rehabilitation Site Locations Only) (DOC)
Practicum Weekly Log (DOC)
Informed Consent Form (PDF)
Student Rating Form (Faculty supervisors will provide this form) (PDF)
Practicum Evaluation Form (DOC)
Student Written Report Evaluation Outline (PDF)
Practicum Manual (PDF)


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