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School of Nursing Faculty

School of Nursing Faculty

We pride ourselves on the outstanding faculty of the LU Nursing Program! We provide an excellent curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities for our students within our program.

Meet Our Faculty

Melvin Doug Blalock, MS, RN - (918) 594-8087 (Tulsa campus)
Jeanette Blankenship, MS, RN, Asst Prof - (918) 594-8079 (Tulsa campus)
Anna Duran, RN, Site Director - (580) 319-0319 (Ardmore)
Grace Edobor, MS, RN - (918) 594-8084 (Tulsa campus)
Teressa Hunter, Ph.D., RN, Dean - (405) 466-3274 (Langston campus)
Andrea Pedrazzi, MS, RN - (918) 594-8292 (Tulsa campus)
Susan Shalver, MS, RN - (4 05) 466-3672 (Langston campus)
Larcille White, MS, RN, Acting Site Director- (918) 594-8075 (Tulsa campus)