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Welcome Back, Lions!

Welcome Back, Lions!

Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year! For those of you returning to Langston University, we are glad to have you back. For our new students, we are excited to have you join the Pride. As you prepare to begin classes on Monday, I want you to be aware of some essential information.

Important Dates: Consistent with the published academic calendar,  fall semester classes will begin Monday, August 17, and the semester will end Friday, December 11.

- Friday, November 20: In-person classes will conclude.

- Saturday, November 21: Students will move out of campus housing following their last in-person class and no later than Noon.

- Monday, November 23 - Friday, November 27: There will be no classes in observance of Thanksgiving Break.

- Monday, November 30: Classes will resume remotely.

- Friday, December 4: Classes conclude for the fall semester.

- December 7 - 11, 2020: Final exams held remotely.

Remote First Week of Class:

For the first week of class (August 17-21), all hybrid and flex courses will be held remotely. That is, you will not physically attend class but will log in from dorms, apartments, or another location. Doing this prevents a large number of people from entering the classrooms and buildings at one time. After the first week, you may attend class in small, rotating groups as assigned by instructors. In most instances, no more than ten people will be in a classroom at once.

For all classes, faculty will post the plans for the first week of class on each course’s D2L page, including the Zoom, Adobe Connect, or Microsoft Teams link. Be sure to check your Langston University email because faculty have been encouraged to share the first day of class plans by email as well.

Academic Coursework:

The following planned operational modifications apply to all coursework at Langston University during the Fall 2020 term. In order to provide maximum flexibility to faculty and students, the University plans to offer courses in hybrid, flexible, and web modalities consistent with social distancing modifications. your academic coach or faculty advisor for more information Review the course modality list and contact your academic coach or faculty advisor if you have questions.

Hybrid (HY). Courses will combine online (D2L), videoconferencing technology (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Adobe Connect), and in-person delivery by credentialed faculty. Face-to-face sessions will consist of small, rotating small groups (usually 10 or fewer) with social distancing. Students enrolling in hybrid courses are expected to be on campus. Instructors will identify the expectations, schedule, and technology required for hybrid courses in the syllabus. These classes are not subject to distance learning fees.

Flexible (FLEX). Courses will combine online (D2L) with videoconferencing technology (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar application) by credentialed faculty. These remote courses can be held synchronously (at scheduled class time) or asynchronously (recorded lecture). While students enrolling in flex courses are not required to be on campus, face-to-face sessions held during scheduled class times with small groups of on-campus students are encouraged. Instructors will identify the expectations, schedule, and technology required in remote courses in the syllabus. These classes are not subject to distance learning fees.

Web (WEB). Courses will be delivered 100% online (D2L) and taught by credentialed faculty. Faculty must also meet the Faculty Credentials & Course Certification outlined in the Langston University Online Learning Policy. Courses are held asynchronously (recorded lecture). These classes are subject to applicable distance learning fees.

Masks and Face Coverings:

Masks and face coverings are required to be worn while present on all Langston University campuses when physical or social distancing is not feasible. These required areas include but are not limited to classrooms, dining facilities, elevators, hallways, restrooms, and stairwells. In all other areas, masks and face coverings are recommended and essential to protecting our community. Cloth masks and face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Students who attempt to enter a classroom without wearing a face covering may be asked to leave to retrieve a mask. Time out of class may be considered a tardy or an absence.

Student Attendance:

Students are expected to follow Langston University's attendance policy and notify instructors of individual course absences, in advance if possible. Course syllabi should include additional information regarding class absences and make-up work. Depending on the delivery modality of the class, attendance may be defined more broadly than physical presence. In other words, an absence may include failure to join scheduled synchronous class sessions; failure to participate in remote class activities, whether synchronous or asynchronous; failure to log on to D2L, or failure to meet deadlines for submission of assignments.

Course Material: Digital versions of all available textbooks have been adopted for Fall 2020. Follett will also have some of the textbooks on hand for students who request hard copies. Check your email for a message from Follett with a link to the e-book for each course. Students enrolled remotely will need to contact the bookstore by email or phone to provide a mailing address for textbooks to be shipped.

Grading System: The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education approved the use of the Pass/No Pass option for Spring 2020. To date, that provision has not been extended for use in subsequent semesters. As a result, the normal grading system (A-F and I) will be observed for the Fall 2020 term.

Notification & Reporting Requirements Regarding COVID-19:

Consistent with applicable law and privacy policies, faculty, staff, and students are required to notify and report if they become sick with COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case. If you (1) experience COVID-19 symptoms, (2) test positive for COVID-19, or (3) believe you have been exposed to a person that has or is believed to have tested positive for COVID-19, you are required to notify Langston University by completing the Potential COVID-19 Exposure or Symptom Form.

Langston University continues to monitor COVID-19 updates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Oklahoma Department of Health, among other local, state, and national agencies. Continue to monitor our COVID-19 Resource Page for the most current information. Be sure to do all you can to prevent the spread: wear a face covering, wash your hands, and remain socially distant.

Have a safe and productive semester!


Ruth Ray Jackson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs