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The Department of Mathematics offers two majors: Mathematics (Bachelor of Science) and Mathematics Education (Bachelor of Science in Education). The mathematics curriculum is designed to provide:

  • Competence in the basic skills and understanding for dealing with numbers and forms.
  • Communication of thought through symbolic expressions and graphs.
  • Cultural advancement through a realization of the significance of mathematics in its relation to the total physical and social structure.
  • Preparation for future study and research in mathematics.
  • Preparation of teachers of mathematics.
  • An understanding of mathematics as a logical system of ordered ideas.

Mathematics Plan of Study

Mathematics Education Plan of Study

Mathematics Course Descriptions


Dr. Alonzo F. Peterson, Chair, Assistant Professor

Dr. Andrew Bucki, Associate Professor

Dr. Vicky Fondjo, Assistant Professor

Mr. Anthony Hill, Instructor

Dr. Timothy M. McMahon, Associate Professor

Dr. William M. Montanaro, Assistant Professor

Dr. Betsy Showalter, Assistant Professor

Dr. Sivalingam Sivanesan, Assistant Professor

Dr. Joel Snow, Associate Professor

Dr. Abebaw Tadesse, Assistant Professor