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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Business Administration: Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems Plan of Study

The MIS graduate is well prepared to enter the business (profit or non-profit) arena and undertake tasks that: 1) require a comprehensive understanding of business operations in general, and 2) also require analysis and management of business operations using information technology. If you are a Business Administration student who believes additional IT proficiency will optimize your career success, then MIS should be your major. MIS major course will develop proficiency in the following subject areas:

  • Programming in relevant programming languages;
  • Construction of computer based information systems that reflect information needs derived through systematic analysis;
  • IT solution configurations, both current and predicted for the future.
  • Database construction and management;
  • Internet based tools from first level web pages to complex e-commerce applications;
  • Data communications that includes knowledge of popular Computer Network techniques and configurations; and
  • Project Management.

Students who wish to major in any of the School of Business programs will be considered PRE-BUSINESS MAJORS until officially admitted to the School. Students must apply for entrance into a specific School of Business program during the second semester of their sophomore year. To be formally admitted to the School of Business, a student must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Minimum GPA of 2.5
  2. Completion of 45 Semester hours of college work
  3. At least a grade of “C” in Principles of Macroeconomics
  4. At least a grade of “C” in English Composition I, II and Advanced Composition or Technical Writing
  5. At least a grade of “C” in College Algebra and Trigonometry or Survey of Mathematics