Kamal Gosh, Ph.D.

Kamal Gosh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Agriculture and Applied Sciences
E.L. Holloway, Room 401
(405) 466-6100

In August 2019, Dr. Kamal Gosh was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Langston University. He holds a B.S. in fisheries science and an M.S. in aquaculture from the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh. After completing these degrees in 2004 and 2006, respectively, he started to work as an aquaculture extension officer and a fish quality control inspector for the Bangladesh Ministry of Fisheries, and he spent several years as a senior executive officer for Rupali Bank Ltd. in Bangladesh as well.

Dr. Gosh later enrolled at the Stirling University, United Kingdom as a Commonwealth Fellow and earned his second M.S. degree in aquatic resource development in 2010. Later, he earned his third M.S. degree in aquaculture economics from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2014. Afterwards, he worked at the Hughes School District, Arkansas as an agriculture instructor after obtaining his certified educator licensure from the Arkansas Department of Education (7-12 grade). After working there for a year, he moved to Auburn University and finished his Ph.D. degree in fisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic science in 2018. Immediately after, he was hired on at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as a Post-Doctoral fellow and worked there for a year with developing the economics, marketing and branding strategies for U.S. farm raised aquaculture products.

Dr. Gosh is an accomplished scholar, researcher and leader. Some of his distinctions and awards while at Auburn University include: Dean’s awards for distinguished Ph.D. dissertation, Prestigious Merriwhether Fellowship, Graduate Research and Travel Fellowship, and Best Research Presenter. Throughout his time of working in this field, Dr. Gosh has also built an impressive record of publication and grant approval. As evidence of his contributions, Dr. Gosh’s work has resulted in 20 peer-reviewed journal articles (five of them first-authored). Moreover, these papers have been published in high impact factor journals in Dr. Gosh’s field having a citation record of more than 150 times, which reflects his peers’ recognition of the value of this research. His research focused on aquaculture, economics, marketing, natural fisheries, environmental impact, climate change, food insecurity and poverty alleviation. These areas also reflect his core intellectual and life’s purpose. He desires to always seek to find ways by which to improve the human social and economic conditions. He is highly regarded by his former students and colleagues, who have applauded his ability to create a dynamic, engaging learning and work environment. He is committed to constantly expand opportunities for all.