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Information and Resources -- The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Langston University sustains significant measures to address the potential impact of COVID-19 to our campuses. Our dedicated faculty, staff, and students embrace the challenge with grace, flexibility, and innovation as we all adapt to a new way of operating. Our collective response affirms the values at the core of our University; that of unwavering loyalty and a mission to serve. Langston University resumed significant portions of traditional operations in the fall semester with a return to traditional and hybrid course offerings and modified on-campus residential housing. Public health authority guidance and the best available data and science will continue to drive the decision making of University leadership. We are committed to the following guiding principles in our efforts to maintain the health and safety on all campuses:

Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Maintaining Health & Safety Protocols

Ensuring Healthy Environment

Sustaining Healthy Operations

Creating A Resilient Community

Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Our community is dedicated to adhering to the following healthy behaviors to reduce the spread: Keeping our distance, hand hygiene, & respiratory etiquette. Langston University encourages masks to be worn indoors, in public on campus to reduce the risk of infections. At this time under Oklahoma law (EO 2021-16 and 70 O.S. 1210.189), Langston University is not permitted to mandate the use of masks on any of our campuses; however, we highly encourage and expect their use. Signage has been distributed across each campus to further promote healthy behaviors. Learn more in the Protect the Pride plan.

Maintaining Health & Safety Protocols

We have established and requires the following protocols to live, visit or work on a University campus. Our community is dedicated to wearing face masks or coverings where recommended, monitoring our symptoms, and notifying the ELT of any exposure or symptoms. Learn more about the steps to take if you experience symptoms or have been exposed outlined in the Protect the Pride plan.

Ensuring Healthy Environments

Several strategies have been implemented to maintain a healthy environment in classrooms, laboratories, and offices. We partner with HES Facilities Management to execute all strategies related to cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization. We have developed and deployed a layered approach to ensuring a healthy environment on all campuses. The University uses the CDC approved cleaning products in the daily cleaning schedule. Disinfectant spray and foam hand sanitizer have been deployed at the cleaning stations. Communal spaces have been closed and dining operations have been modified to maximize physical distancing and support safety precautions. In the event that social distancing is necessary, modified classroom and office layouts and modified staffing arrangements will be implemented to ensure appropriate distance. Learn more in the Protect the Pride plan.

Sustaining Healthy Operations

Several strategies have been implemented to maintain healthy operations, including but not limited to, the following adjustments: various course modalities, limited campus access, and events and meetings have been transitioned to a virtual format where possible or modified to limit capacity. The University has modified the following to mitigate risk: employee leave policies, meeting policies, modified fall session, notification policy, student attendance policy, travel policy and campus guest policy. The ELT continues to monitor federal, state, and local regulations to determine additional operational modifications. Learn more in the Protect the Pride plan.

Creating A Resilient Community

The University has implemented the following strategies to prepare for and respond to members of the community that are directly impacted by COVID-19. ADA accommodations will be available throughout the pandemic for students and employees, including and especially for those in high-risk categories.

Quarantine and Isolation:

Very limited space exists for on-campus isolation. Students at Langston University who need to quarantine or isolate should plan to spend their isolation time at home or at an off-campus alternative. Academic arrangements will be handled by Academic Affairs. The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will communicate with instructors directly on student arrangements. Isolation arrangements may be determined on a case-by-case basis with the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services. No refunds or fee adjustments will be made for temporary isolation accommodations. Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19, even if vaccinated against the virus, should isolate. Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine unless they show symptoms of COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Learn more at

The University Counseling Center offers extensive resources and professional counseling for all faculty, staff, and students. For confidential support, please contact us at (405) 466-3210. Learn more in the Protect the Pride plan.

COVID-19 Testing Available

Complimentary COVID-19 testing for students and employees will be made available by appointment at the Langston University Health Clinic. Please contact the Emergency Leadership Team to coordinate an appointment.

Employees with immediate need for testing should coordinate services with an external provider, such as a their primary healthcare provider, a local clinic or pharmacy.

Complimentary COVID-19 Testing for Students

As a component of continued surveillance testing as recommended by public health authorities for monitoring the level of community-spread, Langston University will continue to offer opportunities for on-campus testing and may institute surveillance testing measures at any time. Langston University prioritizes testing for individuals receiving the vaccine where a negative test is required prior to receiving the shot, symptomatic individuals, and individuals identified as close contact exposures through the contact tracing process. Information concerning testing dates and protocols will be shared with the University community via email and through announcements made by our Office of Public Relations.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Available

Langston University continues our partnership with Total Wellness to deliver the Moderna (or mRNA-1273) COVID-19 vaccine to our students, faculty, staff, and community at large. Langston University will not require the COVID-19 vaccine for students; however, the vaccine is highly recommended and encouraged for individuals who are able and willing to receive the vaccine as an additional layer of protection against the spread of disease. Langston University will offer vaccination opportunities periodically throughout the academic year, which will be announced via email and other means. Find a vaccine administration site near you at Please contact the Langston University Emergency Leadership Team at for more information.

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