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Looking Forward to Fall

Looking Forward to Fall

Dear Langston University Community:

As we continue to monitor and respond to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19, the University and our Emergency Leadership Team (ELT) has continued to work diligently to implement ongoing and enhanced protocols in preparation for a healthy and safe return to our campuses. While we know it is impossible to mitigate every risk, we will take every step to make sure the planned reopening of all our campuses considers the health and safety of all members of our Dear Langston family. We appreciate your continued support of all guidelines and protocols to promote our successful reopening.

Our campuses currently remain closed to the public. We have begun a phased re-entry for our employees to transition back onto campuses from extended telework. We are closely monitoring the progress of this phased re-entry and will make adjustments as necessary.

We recently released The Plan for a Healthy and Safe Returnto guide our return over the summer months. The Emergency Leadership Team developed a plan centered around measures to promote our community's well-being with a focus on the following guiding principles:

  • Promoting Healthy Behaviors
  • Maintaining Health & Safety Protocols
  • Ensuring Healthy Environments
  • Sustaining Healthy Operations
  • Creating a Resilient Community

The plan will continue to evolve over time as additional guidance is made available from local and state health officials. Our plans for reopening are aligned with phase three of Oklahoma's reopening date for all workplaces and will include:

Fall Semester Opening

Our plans include a normal opening for the Fall semester. As such, we are moving forward with plans to continue with move-in and Lion Camp as planned. We are working alongside academic leadership in developing a variety of plans to guide our reopening for classes this fall for in-person instruction blended with hybrid (online) delivery. Additional details will be shared by Academic Affairs once plans are finalized.

Residential Housing

We will employ social-distancing measures in our residence facilities, and special precautions will be taken in Young Hall, where all rooms will shift to single-occupancy. Our facilities staff have worked to implement enhanced cleaning measures over the summer, including advanced air purification within housing units. In addition to these measures, we encourage all returning residents to be prepared to follow special move-in protocols and procedures for safety. Additional information will be shared by Residential Life and Housing Services as the dates for move-in approach.

Continued Updates

I hope you will join me for our next live address on Wednesday, July 1, at which time additional details regarding our return for Fall semester will be shared. More information regarding the live address will be released from the Office of Public Relations.

Please continue to monitor our COVID-19 Resource Page for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to luelt@langston.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you back.


Kent J. Smith Jr., Ph.D.