Spring 2020 Housing, Meal Plan, and Student Fee Credit Adjustments | Langston University

Spring 2020 Housing, Meal Plan, and Student Fee Credit Adjustments

Spring 2020 Housing, Meal Plan, and Student Fee Credit Adjustments

Dear Students,

In response to COVID-19, Langston University has made necessary adjustments on all eligible student accounts. These adjustments were made to provide financial relief to students due to COVID-19. Students eligible for a housing and meal plan credit adjustment will meet the following criteria:

  1. Moved out of campus housing on or before April 3, 2020; or
  2. Received written authorization from the Emergency Leadership Team to delay move-out with a departure from campus housing on or before April 10, 2020.

Eligible students will see a credit applied to their student accounts on Friday, May 1, 2020. If the student has any outstanding balance, the credit adjustments will be applied against the balance and any remaining credit will be refunded.

Residents who were granted an exemption to remain living on campus are not eligible for a housing or meal plan credit even if they move out prior to May 15, 2020. Honors students, residents who are part of a program that pays their housing and dining costs directly through a scholarship, or residential assistants (RAs) who receive housing and dining as part of their compensation are not eligible to receive a credit or refund for housing or meal plan costs.

All students will receive a credit adjustment for certain campus-based fees which support specific activities and services that cannot be delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students do not need to have lived in on-campus housing or have a meal plan to be eligible for the fee adjustment. The credit adjustment for student fees is calculated as a credit for the months of April and May and is based upon the primary campus at which the student is enrolled.

How much should I expect my credit adjustment to be?
The amount of the credit adjustment will vary depending on the resident’s housing complex, room type, meal plan, and campus. The charges will be prorated to credit residents for April and May 2020 in accordance with the appropriate housing accommodations and meal plan.

Why is it a “credit,” not a refund?
The adjustment is a credit because it is applied to the student's account first. Any outstanding amount due is subtracted from the credit before a refund payment is issued.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the credit adjustment, please contact Student and Employee Services at luses@langston.edu. Thank you for your patience as we completed a thorough review of all student charges, and we wish you continued academic success!


Student and Employee Services