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Student and Employee Services COVID-19 FAQ

Student and Employee Services COVID-19 FAQ

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for your patience and assistance in response to these unprecedented and ever-evolving times. To aid in this effort, the following points are being updated to the FAQs.


Am I required to work during this time?
If you are well and if your supervisor has work for you to do, the university asks that you continue to perform your duties during this time. This may require you to telework to perform your duties.

When would I use my accrued sick leave?
Eligible employees may use accrued sick leave for the following:

Care of themselves due to illness or at the direction of a health official due to possible exposure or high risk. Care of dependents due to illness or at the direction of a health official due to possible exposure or high risk. Care for dependents or elders due to disruption of services such as daycare, public school or elder care service.

Beginning April 1, 2020, accrued sick leave would not be used unless and until appropriate federally required benefits have been exhausted as provided by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

What happens if I run out of accrued sick leave?
If you exhaust all accrued sick leave, you are eligible to use up to 120 hours (pro-rated for FTE) of “negative sick leave.” The university may recoup this amount through current or future accruals of annual, sick or compensatory time.

May I use annual leave now?
Yes, please work with your supervisor for approval of annual leave.

If my unit temporarily closes offices, how will I be paid?
In the event of the temporary suspension of services within a unit or office/building closure, impacted staff and faculty will be asked to work from another location, if possible. This could mean teleworking or working in another university area while ensuring social distancing protocols are met. Use of leave would be dependent upon the individual’s circumstances. For instance, if an individual is in a high-risk group or begins to feel unwell, they would use sick leave accruals or federally required leave under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) beginning April 1, 2020. For individuals who request not to work during this time even though options for work are available, they would request use of accrued annual leave. If the university asks that the individual is not in the workplace and no alternative or teleworking option for work is available, the individual would be placed on administrative leave.

Am I eligible for paid leave under the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act?
All employees, regardless of classification, are eligible for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Beginning April 1, 2020, the provisions of FFCRA will be provided to all LU employees for COVID-19 related absences for illness, care of dependents who are ill or care of dependents due to disruptions to childcare.

My position has been identified as mission-critical and I will be required to work when others may be on leave. Will I receive administrative leave plus the hours that I work similar to when we have an inclement weather day?
This type of closure is unprecedented and not covered under LU policy. The Annual Leave and Sick Leave Policy, section 402.10, specifically refers to the use of administrative leave for payment in the case of closure due to inclement weather. The COVID-19 Pandemic requires the university to focus on operational continuity and guidance provided by the CDC and local public health officials. As such, this policy provision may not be in use based upon the duration of temporary suspension of on-campus services by the university. You will always be paid for hours worked; however, you may not receive additional administrative leave in addition to this pay.

Should you have questions, please contact Student and Employee Services at or (405) 466-3212.