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Enhanced Access Restrictions for Langston Campus

Enhanced Access Restrictions for Langston Campus

Dear Langston University Community,

In response to COVID-19, measures are being taken to further restrict access to the Langston Campus. Our goal in implementing these measures is to reduce the number of people on our campuses. During this time, we discourage visitors on any of our campuses in order to minimize the potential transmission of the virus and protect vulnerable populations.

In addition to all campuses being closed to the public, the following measures for the Langston Campus will take effect on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 until further notice:

  • The North Gate of campus adjacent to Highway 33 will be closed to traffic entering campus.
  • A checkpoint will be established at the South entrance, near the Langston University Police Department, and will be the single point of access for vehicles entering the campus.
  • Access to campus must be arranged in advance through the Langston University Emergency Leadership Team. Supervisors should submit requests for employees to access campus through the Request for Access Form. Additional requests may be directed to luelt@langston.edu.
  • Langston University faculty, staff, and students must present photo identification at the checkpoint in order to enter campus.
  • Service providers, such as our campus partners with Sodexo and delivery personnel, will be asked for identification before access to campus is granted.
  • Individuals approved for access to campus by the Emergency Leadership Team may receive a campus access pass for entry onto University property. Instructions for obtaining the appropriate campus access pass credentials will be provided via email upon approval by the ELT.
  • Unauthorized visitors will not be granted access to the campus.

We understand that these measures for social distancing are challenging; however, the health of our community remains our top priority. We appreciate your continued cooperation as we adjust to meet the needs of our community.

Thank you,

Mario Holland
Chief, Langston University Police Department