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Beginning the Process

Beginning the Process

Students applying for Federal Student Aid shall complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. Click here to fill out the form.

The FAFSA processing begins October 1 each year. Annually during the months of October and February, Student Financial Aid staff offer informational seminars intended to assist with completing the FAFSA and providing helpful information in completing the financial aid process.
Eligibility for Federal Financial Assistance must be re-established each academic year by renewing the FAFSA.

Langston University defines the academic school year as beginning with the fall semester and concluding with the subsequent summer semester. Please note that a separate Institutional
Summer Application is required, for summer aid consideration.

The Financial Aid Office may request additional information and/or documentation to complete the eligibility process which requires the applicant’s immediate attention. Failure to respond in a timely manner will delay the ability for you to receive the Aid Notification letter detailing your federal aid offer.

Before determining federal aid eligibility, the Financial Aid Office must be informed of any expected scholarship awards. Notice of scholarship awards after the federal aid eligibility is determined could reduce the federal aid awarded.

After receiving the Aid Notification letter, if additional information or action has been requested, please be aware funds will not be released to your student account until required information has been received and reviewed or requested action satisfied. If we determine that you are not eligible for funds previously offered, that offer will be canceled. If after funds are released to your account, it is determined that you did not in fact meet the criteria for receiving aid, you may be required to repay those funds.

You will be able to view the types of supporting documents and action requested along with the aid offered by logging into the student portal. To access your personal information, you will need both your LU Student ID number and your assigned PIN number.