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Beginning the Process

Beginning the Process

Students may apply for Federal Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by going on the Web to Students must reapply yearly. Application processing begins January 2nd of each year. Beginning in February of each year, Student Financial Aid staff members will be available to assist applicants in completing their applications on line. We offer informational sessions intended to provide helpful information and financial aid updates throughout the year.

Eligibility for Federal Financial Assistance must be re-established each academic year. For administrative purposes, the Office of Student Financial Aid defines the academic school year as beginning with the fall term of a given year and concluding with the subsequent spring term. For awarding purposes, the summer term is considered to occur at the end of the Academic year. Please note that a separate Institutional Summer Application is required, in addition to the FAFSA for summer aid consideration.

The Office of Financial Aid provides written materials to assist applicants in obtaining assistance. Documents, forms and letters provided by this office are very important and require the applicant’s immediate attention. These written materials are designed to guide the student through the Financial Aid process and, if understood and adhered to, can ensure a smooth process.

It is very important that you keep up with your LU Student ID for access to financial aid records on line under Student Information Systems. You will be able to view the types of supporting documents we are requesting and your award letter. To access your personal information on the web, you will need both your LU Student ID # as well as your LU assigned PIN.

We encourage you to inform of us all scholarships that you are receiving, as this will impact your overall financial aid package. If you receive an offer for assistance and additional information has been requested, please realize funds will not be released to you or credited to your account until that information has been received and reviewed. If after reviewing that information, we determine that you are not eligible for funds previously offered, that offer will be cancelled. If after funds are released to you or credited to your account, it is determined that you did not in fact meet the criteria for receiving aid, you may be required to repay those funds.