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Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

Welcome to the forms segment of our website. In an effort to assist you in securing forms needed to complete your student financial aid file, we have provided online access to most of the forms you would need in the financial aid process. Many of our forms are year specific, and separated by Dependent and Independent, so please make sure you look at our request carefully to know which year forms we are requesting before you download them. Because these forms are available on the web, you will be able to download them at your leisure. Non year specific forms can be found under the tab “Other Forms” At this time you can download the form, print it, complete it and mail, scan and email, or bring it to our office.

If you have problems downloading the forms or you have questions about the process, please contact our office at (405) 466-3000 or email us at


Financial Aid Forms 


Dependency Override Request Form

Dependent Student Household Form

Dependent Verification of Support Form

Homeless-Dependency Renewal Form

Identity Statement of Educational Purpose

Independent Student Household Form

Independent Validation Form

Independent Verification of Support Form

Parents' Marital and Tax Filing Status Conflict Form

Special Circumstances Form

Student's Marital and Tax Filing Status Conflict Form

Summer Aid Request Form


Other General Forms

Enrollment Plan Form

Current Class Attendance Verification Form

Dual Enrollment Request Form

Spring 2022 Financial Aid Schedule of Events

Financial Aid Appeal Request Form

General Consortium Agreement Form

OHLAP - Oklahoma Promise Eligibility Request Form

Personal Information Request Form

Award Adjustment Request Form

FAFSA Waiver Form

Exit Counseling Contact Form

Loan Reinstatement Request Form