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Financial Aid FAQs

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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of our financial aid section. If you do not find what you’re looking for here or elsewhere on our site, please contact our financial aid team at (405) 466-2962 or We’re here to help!

Is the FAFSA required for me to enroll?

Can I request a waiver of the FAFSA requirement?

Once I have completed the FAFSA, what’s my next step?

What is the processing time frame after filing the FAFSA?

What is Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

What is my Cost of Attendance (COA) and how is it determined?

What is Financial Need?

What is Financial Aid?

What Federal Programs are based on need?

How do you determine how much financial aid I can receive?

What is a financial aid Package?

How will I know when I have been awarded?

What if I am not offered enough financial aid to cover my budget or cost of attendance?

What if I receive scholarships after my award package is complete?

What is an “over-award”?

If I have been awarded loans, what do I do?

Will all of my funding be disbursed at one time?

If I am getting a scholarship, when will it be posted and applied to my account?

You recommended that my parents apply for the Parent Loan. However, they have applied and are not eligible, now what can I do?

What is an Alternative/Private Loan?

What is a credit balance?

What is a refund?

When does the refund process begin?

How do I know if I am eligible for a refund?

Is there financial aid available in the summer?

What do I have to do to remain academically eligible for Federal Aid?

If I am on probation, can I still get aid?

If I lose my aid, what do I do to regain it?

When can I apply for the Continuing Student Scholarship?

How is Work-Study awarded and how can eligible students apply?