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English and Foreign Languages

English and Foreign Languages


The Department of English and Foreign Languages recognizes its responsibility in helping all students at Langston University to write clearly and appropriately for educated people. As a unit in the School of Arts and Sciences, the faculty seeks to interest students, especially those majoring in English, in learning about the best writers in the world and their cultures through discussions, presentations and projects. Further, the faculty wishes to develop in students a proficiency in and an appreciation for the past and present structure of the English language and the literature thereof and to enable students to speak, read and write Spanish or French and to have an appreciation for these and other cultures.

Program Description The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers two plans of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in English and the Bachelor of Arts in English Education. Minors are offered in two foreign languages: Spanish and French. The faculty, eighty percent of whom have doctorate degrees, prepare the entire student body for written language proficiency.


Courses in English and Foreign Languages are designed:

1. To teach the student to write informative and imaginative prose through reading, discussions, and practice;

2. To present the best that has been thought and said in the world and develop the student's powers of appreciation and criticism through the study of literature;

3. To enable the student to describe and explain the historical development of the English language and its present structure;

4. To familiarize the student preparing to teach with effective methodologies for teaching communication skills and the appreciation of literature;

5. To enable the student to understand, speak, read, and write French or Spanish and to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the culture represented by the language.