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email migration

email migration

As of July 2, 2018, Langston University has migrated to Office 365 email. To access your email as an employee or as a student, please use the link below:

Office 365 Email

To access your archived email, please use the following link:

Archived Exchanged Email

NOTE: You will not be able to send or receive messages on this server. It is only for archive retrieval purposes only.

To access your new Office 365 Email, you must use your LionKey credentials. Please note these may have changed with conversion. All LU users will use their domain for their email address. If you previously used an domain in your email, this must be changed to If you would like to confirm your LionKey credentials or reset your LionKey account password, please visit the LionKey website to manage your account.

For quick access to the old and new email systems, LU ITS is providing the following URLs:

Office 365 Email:

Archived Exchanged Email: or

If the new URL above for Office 365 Email experiences issues, please try one of the following URLs as a backup:

As always, if anyone experiences any issues, please contact the LU ITS Helpdesk by phone at 405-466-3521 or via email at