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Criminal Justice - A.S.

Criminal Justice


Upholding the mission of Langston University to provide excellent postsecondary education through “academic, research, community engagement, extension, and co-curricular experiences that lead to professional competence and degree completion”. The Associate of Criminal Justice Degree Program encourages its majors to commit to the principles of social justice, tolerance, knowledge of their rights as citizens, and respect for all people. Through required course work and hands on service-learning students will become prepared to not only become social and civic leaders within their own communities; they will have the necessary skills to continue their quest in life-long learning, professional development and will become advocates of social equality.


The goals of the criminal justice program are to:

1. Ensure that students have a comprehensive knowledge of the field of criminal justice;

2. Prepare students for future bachelor, graduate and professional study;

3. Prepare students for a variety of potential careers in criminal justice and related fields;

4. Enable students to become critical thinkers able to communicate effectively in both oral and written form;

5. Encourage students to become committed to the principles of social justice, equality, including tolerance of and respect for the dignity and worth of all people;

6. Enable students to understand the importance of ethics and leadership skills in the field of criminal justice