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Campus Directory

Our database will help you locate contact information for faculty and staff, university departments, and student organizations for each campus. To expedite your search, please see our list of Frequently Searched Numbers below. If what you need is not listed, our complete directory should assist you in locating the contact information you need.

Office of Admissions, Recruitment, and Outreach Programs General Information Line
(405) 466-3428

Office of Financial Aid
(405) 466-3000

Office of Residential Life and Housing Services (RLHS)
(405) 466-6028 or 405-346-6403

Office of the Registrar
(405) 466-3225

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Campus Directory

Faculty & Staff
Name Phone Department Location
Dr. Corey Scott English & Foreign Language Langston Campus
Dr. Daniel Thompson Broadcast Journalism
Dr. Darlington Mundende phone: (405) 812-9255 [field_fax] Nursing & Health Professions Allied Health, 229
Dr. David Carrell English & Foreign Language
Dr. David Carrell English & Foreign Language Langston Campus
Dr. Donna Sylvester phone: (405) 466-3337[field_fax] Arts & Sciences Jones Hall, 302
Dr. Donna Sylvester phone: (918) 671-1626[field_fax] Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Building
Dr. Eddie Traylor phone: (405) 490-0663[field_fax] Physical Therapy Physical Therapy, 109
Dr. Elizabeth Albright phone: (405) 466-3266[field_fax] Sanford Hall, 201
Dr. Emisha Young phone: (405) 466-6107[field_fax] Agriculture & Applied Sciences E L Holloway, 317
Dr. Emisha Young Family & Consumer Sciences Langston Campus
Dr. Franklin Fondjo phone: (405) 466-3302 [field_fax] Arts & Sciences Hamilton Hall, 123
Dr. Franklin Fondjo-Fotou Drafting and Electronic Design Langston Campus
Dr. John Winters phone: 405-466-3349[field_fax] Education & Behavioral Sciences C F Gayles Gymnasium, 143
Dr. Joshua Ringer phone: (405) 564-4418[field_fax] Agriculture & Applied Sciences E L Holloway, 302
Dr. Kamal Gosh phone: (405) 466-6100 [field_fax] Agriculture & Applied Sciences E L Holloway, 401
Dr. Kent J. Smith, Jr. phone: 405-466-3201[field_fax] Office of the President Langston Campus
Dr. Lindsay Davis phone: 405) 466-3315 [field_fax] Arts & Science Hamilton Hall, 309
Dr. Lindsay Katzir English & Foreign Language
Dr. Luana Paula Ribeiro