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Langston University (LU) has named Stan Holt as head coach for the men’s basketball team.
“We are excited and pleased to welcome Stan Holt, he is young and eager“, said Mike Garrett, LU Athletic Director
“ I look forward to a successful season, and to one day look back on our future success and be able to say, we got him first”.

Cheryl Miller has officially been named head coach of women’s basketball at Langston University and was formally introduced to the team and the student body during center court ceremonies today in Langston. Miller was a three-time national player of the year at the University of Southern California, leading the Women of Troy to national championships in both 1983 and ’84 and playing on the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. She went on to coach in the WNBA for four seasons before beginning a career as a national sports broadcaster.