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Student Engagement

Student Engagement

  • LU SAAS Student Ambassador Program
  • LU SAAS Mentoring Program
  • Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

    The LU SAAS MANRRS club allows students to engage in agriculture and natural resources activities throughout the state. Our scholars also participate in local community projects and serve as peer mentors to younger students in the community.

    LU SAAS Student Ambassador Program

    The top scholars in our program are selected at the beginning of each academic year to serve as role models for fellow students. They serve within the program as leaders on a number of initiatives.

    LU SAAS Mentoring Program

    Participating students can be paired with a member of the LU SAAS faculty who serves as a mentor throughout the student’s academic journey. The mentor provides academic guidance and support for students, as well as career development and advancement opportunity.