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Alumni & Advisory Board

Alumni & Advisory Board

Langston University Agriculture Alumni Association (LUAAA)

The LU alumni family welcomes new graduates each year. Many pursue graduate schools, federal work placements, non-profit organizations, school systems, private companies and corporate outfits. Whichever career path is selected, it is a true testament to LU SAAS to see students pursue their dreams. LU SAAS remains connected with LU alumni through the association.

The Langston University Agricultural Alumni Association (LUAAA) meets monthly to discuss alumni related matters and to articulate ways to contribute to LU SAAS programs and current students. One of LUAAA biggest initiatives is their scholarship contribution that is awarded to outstanding student(s). A few other activities that LUAAA assists with are the annual animal science boot camp and the annual LU SAAS Alumni Day.

Contact Information:
Damardray Williams
LUAAA President

LU SAAS Advisory Board

LU SAAS Advisory Board is a group of people from different career paths who are interested in the success of LU SAAS. They advise the Dean and the school administration regarding the strategic directions, its programs, and the needs of the State of Oklahoma in areas impacted by the school. Board members help support the school throughout the state and region, assist with student recruitment, public relations, advise on applied research needs, and help promote LU SAAS its programs, extension, research and overall mission to the public.

Contact Information:
Wesley Whittaker, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
(405) 466-6155