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In-State Status

Attendance at an educational institution, albeit a continuous and long term experience, is interpreted as temporary residence; therefore, a student neither gains nor loses resident status solely by such attendance. Students attending an Oklahoma college or university may perform many objective acts, some of which are required by law (i.e., payment of taxes), and all of which are customarily done by some non-residents who do not intend to remain in Oklahoma after graduation but are necessary and/or convenient (i.e. registering to vote, obtaining an Oklahoma driver's license, etc). A non-resident student attending an Oklahoma college or university on more than a half-time basis is presumed to be in the state primarily for educational purposes. An individual is not deemed to have acquired status as a resident of Oklahoma until he or she has been in the state for at least a year primarily as a permanent resident and not merely as a student. Likewise an individual classified as a resident of Oklahoma shall not be reclassified as a nonresident until 12 months after having left Oklahoma to live in another state.

OSRHE Policy on In-State/Out-of-State Status of Enrolled Students

In-State Application for Langston University

Military Personnel

Members of the armed forces who provide evidence that they are fulltime active duty in the armed forces stationed in Oklahoma or temporarily present through military orders shall be immediately classified upon admission as in-state status along with their spouse and dependent children. Further, when members of the armed services are transferred out-of-state, the member, their spouses and dependent children shall continue to be classified as in-state as long as they remain continuously enrolled.