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Before you can register for classes:

  • Students MUST apply for Admissions to the university. Once admitted to Langston University, you should be eligible to register.
  • Please refer to Registration Dates for each semester.
  • Students MUST not have any institutional holds on account.
  • Students on academic probation cannot pre-enroll until final grades are in.
  • Students must have a zero balance in order to enroll or make payment arrangement with the Office of Enrollment Management.
  • Students must have completed FAFSA in order to enroll or contact Financial Aid regarding enrolling without a FASFA.
  • Students must be enrolled in order to secure housing for next semester.
  • Students must have all official transcripts from other institutions on file.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Students must meet with their advisor for consultation and to have advisor hold removed.
  2. Students with 60+ credit hours can pre-enroll online after consultation with Advisor.
  3. Students with 60 or less hours must make an appointment with a University College Advisor, University Women Building, 3rd Floor.

Review the list of courses that are required for your program of study. Go online to “Schedules”.

  1. Review your degree audit with your advisor. Please see the Advisor Listing.
  2. View the Academic Catalog.
  3. Go to Student Information System and view/print a copy of your degree audit.

The earlier you register, the better your chance of obtaining the classes you need at the times you want.

  1. All students must make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to ensure you register for the right courses.
  2. Register yourself online through the Student Information Systems account if you are in a bachelor's degree with at least 61 semester hours or in a master's or higher degree program.

Request for Dual Enrollment and/or Request to Complete Last Hours for Graduation Off-Campus

If you plan to enroll for a course at another institution, you must complete a Request for Dual Enrollment and/or Request to Complete Last Hours for Graduation Off-Campus form. Students MUST obtain prior permission from your Advisor and Dean or Chair of the Department prior to enrolling at another institution. You must receive approval from Dean of School and Vice President of Academic Affairs for an overload of course hours.

Online Priority Registration

A period when classification of juniors, seniors and graduate level students can register themselves online. Must have accumulated 61 hours or more. Students in the associate degree program are not allowed to register themselves online. Meet with your advisor to discuss your departmental degree plan to ensure you register for the correct course(s).

Priority Registration

A period when the classification of freshmen, sophomore, undecided majors and non-degree students register through their advisors. Make an appointment with your advisor to enroll.


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