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Grading System

Grading System

A Excellent Equals to four (4) grade points per semester hour
B Good Equals to three (3) grade points per semester hour
C Average Equals to two (2) grade points per semester hour
D Below Average Equals to one (1) grade point per semester hour
F Failure No grade points

No grade points. An incomplete grade may be used at the instructor's discretion to indicate that additional work is necessary to complete a course. (It is not a substitute for "F" and no student ay be failing at the time an "I" grade is awarded. To receive an "I" grade, the student should have satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the required course work for the semester. "I" grades not changed by the instructor to a credit-bearing grade or an "F" within one year will remain as a permanent "I" and not contribute to the student's GPA.)

AU Audit
No grade points. Audit status is used for the student not interested in obtaining a course grade, but who is enrolled simply to get course information. (The allowable time to change an enrollment status from audit to credit may not exceed the institution's add period. Students changing their enrollment status from audit to credit must meet institutional admission/retention standards. The allowable time to change an enrollment status from credit to audit must not exceed the institution's last date for withdrawal from classes.)

W Withdrawal
No grade points. An automatic withdrawal grade of "W" is issued when a student initiates a withdrawal during the allowable withdrawal period (after the tenth day of classes in regular sessions and the fifth day of classes in the summer term and shall not exceed 12 weeks of a 16-week semester or, in general, not exceed 3/4 of the duration of any term).

AW Administrative Withdrawal indicates that a student have been "involuntarily" withdrawn by the institution during the designated semester for disciplinary, inadequate attendance or financial reasons. Such institutional penalties follow institutional procedures. Administrative withdrawals are GPA neutral.

P-F Pass-Fail is used in specified courses. The Pass grade indicates hours earned but does not
contribute to the GPA. The Fail grade is an "F" and is calculated into the GPA.

N No Grade. An "N" grade may be used to indicate that the semester grade was not submitted by the instructor by the appropriate deadline. The "N" grade must be replaced by the appropriate letter grade prior to the end of the subsequent semester. The "N" grade is GPA neutral.

NP Not Pass Remedial course grade only

P Pass Remedial course grade only. These grades will not contribute to student's GPA.

X Thesis in Progress No grade points. An "X" grade is assigned for graduate thesis in progress and is GPA neutral.