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Social Sciences & Humanities

Social Sciences & Humanities
The Department of Social Sciences & Humanities offers three degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, the Bachelor of Science in Corrections, and the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice.

The major goals of our degree programs are to:

1.    Assist students in understanding the importance of the social sciences and humanities to their everyday life;

2.     Enhance students’ knowledge of American society, its social institutions and its current problems;

3.     Promote an understanding and appreciation of diversity and the ways it can contribute to the enrichment of society;

4.     Prepare students to meet the requirements of graduate and professional schools;

5.     Prepare students for increasing professional opportunity in a rapidly changing society;

6.    Provide a student-friendly learning environment that offers personalized advising and mentoring to foster students’ personal and professional development;

7.    Guide students toward acquiring strong analytical, information gathering, critical thinking, and communication skills;

8.     Enhance student learning beyond the traditional classroom by offering experiential opportunities such as field trips, internships, cooperative education, service learning, professional conferences, and study abroad.



Dr. Meshack Sagini, Associate Professor

Dr. James Showalter, Assistant Professor

Dr. Charles Spurlock, Assistant Professor

Dr. Fariborz Aref, Assistant Professor

Ms. Kelly Henderson, Instructor