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Academic Suspension Appeals

Academic Suspension Appeals

Students are placed on academic suspension when their academic performance falls below the minimum standards set by the College (cumulative grade point average). The appeal process is handled through the Academic Suspension Appeals Committee. The appeal deadline is one to two weeks prior to the start of the subsequent semester. You will be notified through Langston University email of the appeal decision. A copy of the decision is retained in your academic file. Students may appeal their suspension by completing the Online Appeal Form. The appeal should also state the resolution for future enrollment. The appeal form should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. Appeals submitted without appropriate documentation will probably be denied. The Registrar's Office only accepts appeals submitted through the online form.

When submitting the online Academic Suspensions Appeals Form your submissions should include:

  • A personal statement explaining the extenuating circumstance. An extenuating circumstance is defined as a situation involving health conditions, death, hardships related to you or immediate family members.
  • A physician or hospital reports that details the extent of health conditions. (upload as an attachment in your submission)
  • Police reports or any relevant documentation. (upload as an attachment in your submission)
  • An immediate death in the family of a close relative such as parents, children, brothers, sisters, guardian. (Provide a copy of death certificate, newspaper announcement, program announcement, etc.) (upload as an attachment in your submission)
  • If you do not have the supporting documentation available at the time you are submitting your form, you may email the supporting documentation to When you email your supporting documentation be sure to include the following in the subject line: Name, CWID, and Academic Suspensions Appeals.

Academic Suspension Appeals Form (online)