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Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPER)

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The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is to enhance the health and well-being of society through the discovery, communication, and application of knowledge in physical activity. As an academic unit focusing on a multidisciplinary study of health, nutrition, and human movement, the department promotes the acquisition of motor skills that enhance successful participation in perpetual physical and recreational pursuits. We aim to inspire a passion for lifelong learning and endeavor to indoctrinate our students to become leaders and valued members of society.

1. Prepare persons who--as teachers of health and physical education; recreation specialist; and/or health specialist will have a sound background in principles and practices of the respective field;
2. Emphasize to the prospective teacher the importance of realizing that teaching is a profession and thereby warrants professional preparation;
3. Make available such courses and experiences as will enable the student to work in the fields of physical education and health instruction, athletic instruction, and recreational activities;
4. Establish a community advisory group that consists of stakeholders who do not have previous or current experiences with the Langston University HPER department to inform the restructuring of the program.
5. Complete a program restructure that includes a revised plan of study that clearly defines the different tracks that are available for program candidates to include the physical education degree track.
6. Produce psychologically literate citizens who apply the principles of psychological science in programmatic areas.
7. Promote the acquisition of specific motor skills which enhance successful participation in lifelong physical and recreational pursuits.

Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) degree program is designed for students to turn their passion for fitness and sports into a rewarding career and the opportunity to inspire students to develop healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

All HPER majors are required to take a physical fitness test two times a year in November and April. Data is collected to see if our majors are staying physically fit. We encourage our majors to be physically fit for a lifetime. We also allow other majors to take the test and our students will learn how to properly administer all physical fitness tests.