Welcome to the Department of Technology at Langston University. We are dedicated to providing a challenging and nurturing environment for our students. We are committed to excellence, each undergraduate program provides a significant theoretical foundation coupled with extensive hand-on laboratory and project experiences.  Student graduates from our programs can find a job in a wide range of companies and government agencies. We also prepare them to be able seek advance degrees in a variety of disciplines.


The Department of Technology outlines three specific goals for students in the programs:

  1. Develop a high degree of skill and technical competency in an area of specialization;
  2. Develop managerial and supervisory skills for use in a highly technological society
  3. Develop a broad technical background necessary for adaptation to, and advancement in, a large number of industries and government.


The Department of Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Technology program with three options and an Associate of Science program with two options.

Students seeking a bachelor's degree may choose from three options:

Bachelor of Science, Electronics Technology Option
Bachelor of Science, Computer Drafting Design Option
Bachelor Science, Construction Option


Student's seeking an assosicate's degree may choose from two options:

Associate of Science, Drafting and Design Technology Option
Associate of Science, Electronics Technology Option