Faculty Services

Faculty Services

Library Instruction Classes

Instructors in all areas are invited to schedule Introduction to Library Resources classes for their students or for themselves. Our classroom is on the second floor of Harrison Library and we are available whenever your class meets. We will schedule a single class meeting, or a series of meetings to suit your needs. The library requests that faculty schedule instructional sessions one to two weeks in advance so library staff can plan an informative lecture with handouts for the students. The class instructor must attend the library session along with the class. Please call the Harrison Library Information Desk at 405-466-3298 for further information and to schedule a class.

Faculty Requests

Faculty Request for Materials Purchase

The Faculty of Langston University are encouraged to participate in the selection process for library materials of the Langston University libraries. Please call the Harrison Library Information Desk at 405-466-3298 for further information or complete the Faculty Request for Materials Purchase Form. The University libraries try to accommodate all faculty requests within the scope of the libraries collections and the restrictions of the materials budget. Please bear in mind that the purchasing and receiving process for the libraries may take as long as 2 - 3 months for some materials. RUSH processing is available for some items from some vendors, but usually at an increased cost. The following information is helpful when requesting materials for purchase: Your name. Your department. Classes for which the materials will be useful. Type of material (book, journal, video, etc.) Author (if known). Title (as specific as possible). Edition (if no edition is specified, the library will purchase the most recent edition). Subject. Date of publication. Publisher. ISBN# (if known). Price (if known).

Course Reserves

Faculty may request to have course materials placed on reserve by filling out a Course Reserve Materials Request Form, also available at Langston University Libraries. Faculty owned and library owned materials can be placed on reserve. A separate form must be filled out for each course.