School of Business - About Us

School of Business - About Us

About Us

Founded in 1897 as a land grant institution, Langston University is the only Historically Black College/ University (HBCU) in the state of Oklahoma. The University has a rich history of growth and development that emphasizes the perseverance and dedication of its administration, faculty, and students.  Langston University (LU) has both a rural and urban mandated mission with campuses in Langston, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. The mission is to provide quality post-secondary education to the diverse learners of Langston, ultimately leading to professional competence and degree completion.  Building on its history as an institution established to “instruct both male and female Colored Americans,” Langston University continues to educate African-Americans while expanding its purpose and mission to include a more diverse student body.

Our main campus is located in Langston, Oklahoma, a rural community, forty miles northeast of Oklahoma City.  For the self-study year, the majority of enrolled students, approximately 95 percent, were African American. Females constituted approximately 50 percent of enrolled students. Sixty-two percent of enrolled students are from the state of Oklahoma, with the remainder originating from 35 other states and 10 foreign countries among them - Senegal, Cameroon, Mexico, Canada and Yugoslavia. The Tulsa campus is located in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, a traditionally African-American historic neighborhood. The Oklahoma City campus is located two miles north of the Oklahoma State Capitol and is the smallest of the three campuses.  The Oklahoma City and Tulsa campuses operate under the structure and direction of the main campus and follow the same curriculum and academic policies.  They also follow the same common professional core, but have some flexibility in allowing their non-traditional students elective choices.

The School of Business offers degree programs on all three campuses.  The programs are unified in the sense that all administrative decisions are centralized on the Langston University campus. In addition, there is an online BBA program available to students who have completed all of their general education requirements.

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