Project Request Form

Please complete the form below for all Public Relations work requests. 

(Ex. Review Admissions Brochure, Scholars Inn email blast, Nursing Website Edits, Registrar Webform Creation, Marching Band Flyer & Event Promotion )
(Please allow at least 4 weeks for all graphic design and event promotion requests)
Content is required for all requests. Please upload the proposed content for review.
Any promotional flyers, brochures, pamphlets and other proposed graphic requests made available to the community or to the general public must be submitted for approval prior to distribution.

Approximate Time Commitments:

  • Email blasts/ Social media requests/ material review- allow at least 1 week
  • Event Promotion requests - allow at least 4 weeks for proper promotion
  • Graphic design - allow at least 4 weeks (the will allow 2 weeks for design and 2 weeks for your promotion needs)
  • Website updates and social media - allow at least 2 weeks
  • Photography - please schedule at least 1 month in advance 

By completing this request form, you agree to:

  • Complete any necessary copy. All proposed content is required and must be provided by person/team requesting the project upon submission.
  • Carefully proofread your document during the production process; as the client, you are responsible for proofing and reading the copy, and you share responsibility for the quality of the final product.
  • PR staff will edit your document for overall wording, style, grammar, and the University graphics standards policies.
  • Printing will be handled by each department unless other arrangements have been discussed. The Office of Public Relations is not responsible for printing.  It is your responsibility to send approved material to the LU print shop.
  • All materials with LU logo or name must be approved prior to distribution.  
  • Only approved events/activities are eligible for promotion. Event date and times must be confirmed prior to project submission.
  • Please send unformatted written text (content) for the creation of publications, programs, graphics and other projects.