Liberal Education

Liberal Education

The mission of the BALE is to provide excellent post-secondary education in liberal education to individuals seeking knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enhance the human condition and promote a world that is peaceful, intellectual and technologically advanced.

The BALE program is central to serving urban adults who have completed two years of work at a junior college in a specialized occupational field or students who have completed General Education requirements at a four-year college or university.

Students are provided opportunities to study upper-level Social Studies, Humanities, and Natural Sciences, culminating in personal growth and enrichment, in the Bachelor of Arts degree.

The BALE program is located at Langston University’s Langston campus, Tulsa campus and Oklahoma City campus. Many students in BALE program over the last five years are urban adults, nontraditional, and complete professional requirements.

The BALE students are more conscientious about program requirements because of taking BALE colloquia courses are done by independent study. The BALE program caters to a large number of students with various and diverse background and experiences who are able to meet the requirements and graduate from the program.

Dr. Randy Hunt, Director