Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Health, Physical Education & Recreation

The curriculum of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is designed to meet the general requirements of the University and to prepare students who are professionally interested in the field. Through this specific type of preparation, students are qualified to work in the following areas: teaching Health and Physical Education K-12, coaching, and working as support personnel for professional sports and recreation leaders and in human health services area.


  1. To prepare persons who, as teachers of health and physical education, will have a sound background in principles and practices of the field.
  2. To emphasize to the prospective teacher the importance of realizing that teaching is a profession and thereby warrants professional preparation.
  3. To make available such courses and experiences as will enable the student to work in the fields of physical education and health instruction, athletic instruction, and recreational activities.
  4. To be of general service to the University in its attempt to provide wholesome experiences through which students will have cultural patterns and desirable attitudes; to show, through the service courses, ways to better health and varied recreational outlets.
  5. To provide the kinds of experiences whereby each student will place a high value on human relationships in our democratic way of life.
  6. To serve as a mechanism which enhances the development of organic power and vigor, or more broadly stated, the development of physical fitness and wellness.
  7. To promote the acquisition of specific motor skills which enhance successful participation in lifelong physical and recreational pursuits. There are two options in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation: the Bachelor of Science degree in Education with teacher certification requirements and the Bachelor of Science degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation with an emphasis in a Recreation venue.

Health, Physical Education and Recreation (with emphasis in Recreation) Plan of Study

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (Teacher Education) Plan of Study


Dr. Todd Farmer, Chair