Health Administration

Health Administration

Health Administration Plan of Study

The Health Administration Program are to prepare graduates with:
The knowledge, skills, and experience to begin a career or continue study in the field of Health Administration.
General knowledge of the health professions field.
General knowledge of the field of Health Administration.
Specific skills to work in the field of Health Administration.
Specific work experiences in the field of Health Administration.
Professional qualities and behaviors necessary to work in a professional role.

The Health Administration program prepares entry-level administrators for management and executive employment in a variety of health settings, both rural and urban. Educational opportunities are provided for students to gain experience and knowledge in life sciences, health systems organizations, personnel and program administration, fiscal management and leadership skills. Students participate in health program planning, fiscal management, and policy development for health care facilities.

The program is interdisciplinary in nature. It provides the student with the general educational background consistent with a liberal arts education, offers the student experiences in the basic field of Health Administration, and prepares the student for interdisciplinary professional practice. The program includes the essential element of practical experience that is necessary for the total education and preparation of health care professionals. This practical experience is provided by an internship which allows the student to spend one semester in an agency or institution that matches the student's major career interest. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Health Administration and are prepared for entry into graduate school.

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American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management


For more information and questions, please contact: Etta Godwin, Academic Advisor