Housing & Residential Life

Housing & Residential Life

All apartment leases are for a full academic year unless the spring semester is the first semester of arrival. Applications are to be fully completed and must include the payment of a Room Reservation Fee. Reservation Fee and Application must be received by Langston University in order to reserve a housing location. If a student leaves the University prior to the end of his/her lease, the student is responsible for all housing charges for the duration of the lease if the residence can not be re-let during this period. If a new tenant can be placed, the student is charged a lease termination fee of $300. In addition, a $10 per semester telecommunication fee will be assessed. The housing contract should be read immediately once received. In the Langston Commons Apartments, both residents whether married or unmarried parents, must be enrolled in order to live in the facility. Pets are not allowed in any of the apartments with the exception of individual cottages. All housing rates and related fees are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Regents.

Residential Life

The objective of Residential Life is to provide quality programs, services, and facilities that promote student success, student learning, and social responsibility. We created a unique experience called Living Learning Communities (LLCs). A Living Learning Community is a group of students with shared interests, living in residential facility reserved exclusively for them and taking at least one of their classes together. Based on disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes, LLCs create intentional links between academic, social, and residential experiences. Benefits include:

  • Living with students who share similar interests, passions and challenges
  • Convenient, natural study groups
  • Special on campus programming
  • Unique field trips off campus
  • Targeted academic enrichment
  • Networking opportunities with faculty, staff and alumni, community leaders
  • A dedicated LLC and residential tutor
  • Learning Community specific events

Most of our LLCs are comprised of two buildings that house 96 students – 48 students in each building. Each building has four students per single gendered suite. If you can appreciate the academic advantages of connecting with other successful students and engaging faculty during your first years of college, there’s an LLC for you, regardless of your major. Research indicates that students residing in a LLC are more successful academically, feel more connected to the University, foster long standing relationships with peers, and are retained at higher rates. All majors are welcome, meaning you do not have to declare a major that matches your LLC. It is primarily based on your interests.

Living Learning Communities

Emerging Leaders LLC

The Emerging Leaders LLC is an interactive learning experience introducing students to concepts of leadership. Students in this community will understand that leadership can truly be learned, practiced, and utilized by all individuals. Through hands-on activities, community service, and meaningful conversations, students will discover their personal leadership style and explore group dynamics. Students in this LLC are empowered to use what they learn and seek out opportunities to get involved on campus by participating in student organizations and University wide events/initiatives. This LLC is ideal for those who were active in high school and want to develop as a leader to ultimately become a student leader within the Student Government Association (SGA), Student Activities Board (SAB), and/or Langston University Student Ambassadors (LUSA).

Honors LLC

The Honors LLC allows our honors students (McCabe Scholars, LINC Scholars, and Regents Scholars) to live in a community where they are surrounded by their peers, while also making friends with students outside the Honors program. These students will have access to educational and social opportunities that promote engagement in the academic experience. The Honor Scholars will assist their peers with tutoring and hosting academic related programs and workshops.

Global Perspectives LLC

The Global perspectives LLC is for students who want to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge of the world. Students will explore a variety of cultural differences through film screenings, art, cuisine, current events, and conversations about what is happening globally. In this community, students will expand their horizons and prepare themselves to be world travelers. The challenges and opportunities related to multi-cultural competence will be explored and celebrated. This is an ideal LLC for students who are risk takers that want to get out of the box and be exposed to diverse sights, sounds, and cultures.

Health & Wellness LLC

The Health and Wellness LLC fosters an environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, positive mind, and peaceful spirit through a wide range of programs. These students will enjoy a holistic approach to lead a balanced life. The programs in the LLC will focus on intellectual growth, physical fitness, emotional wellness, and spiritual enrichment. This LLC is ideal for students who enjoy exercising, yoga, meditation and/or prayer, thought provoking conversations, and self-reflection to improve as an individual.

Artistic Expressions LLC

The Artistic Expressions LLC is open to students of all academic interests and majors who are interested in the fine arts. The Artistic Expressions LLC is an excellent opportunity for those who have a passion for art, music, theatre, literature, dance, crafts, and design. Students will live in a supportive environment that allows the freedom to promote and pursue creative expression. This LLC is ideal for students who appreciate living and learning in an artistically focused environment where they can showcase their love for the arts.