Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the FAFSA required for me to enroll?
 Yes, Langston University’s policy requires that all students complete a current year FAFSA prior to enrolling in school.  We recommend students complete the FAFSA at least 2 weeks prior to enrolling. 

Can I request a waiver of the FAFSA requirement? 

Yes, students choosing not to complete the FAFSA may complete the FAFSA Waiver request form.  The review period for the FAFSA waiver request is 3-5 days. If approved, the student must be prepared to pay at least 50 percent of their account charges at the time of enrollment. 

Once I have completed the FAFSA, what’s my next step?
 If you listed school code 003157 on your FAFSA application, the Langston University Office of Financial Aid will receive the electronic results of your application.  Your application will then be reviewed.  Sometimes the federal government will require additional information.  If additional information is required we will notify you and if no further information is required a detailed Award Notification will be emailed to your Langston University email.   
What is the processing time frame after receiving the FAFSA?
 The priority deadline is March 1, with an application completion date of June 30.  For those meeting the priority deadline, award notifications or requests for additional information should be received by August 1. 
 Students applying before the March 1 priority deadline but completing their files after June 30 along with student applying after March 1 but before April 30 may not be processed before school starts in August because of the volume of activity associated with documents coming in during the peak processing period. We encourage students to provide requested information as soon as possible.
What is a financial aid Package?
 Your financial aid package is the total amount of Federal and Non-Federal aid offered by the university.  The objective of the Office of Financial Aid is to offer enough aid with the combined resources to cover the Financial Need of the student. 
How do you determine how much financial aid I can receive?
 We calculate the budget/cost of attendance by using your projected enrollment status and where you will live while in school.  Then we subtract the expected family contribution using the FAFSA data, minus any Nonfederal scholarships to be applied, the Office of Financial Aid will then determine what sources of federal aid can be used in the financial aid package to meet the need.
 What is my Budget/Cost of Attendance and how is it determined?
 The federal government requires schools to estimate what it costs to attend college. These figures are generally based on a full year.  We include average figures for tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, transportation from a reasonable geographic area, and expenses for basic personal needs. 
What is Financial Need?
 Financial Need is the difference between your Budget/Cost of Attendance and your Expected Family Contribution. 
What is Expected Family Contribution?
 Your Expected Family Contribution reveals what your family should expect to contribute, over the course of the year. It is also used to determine eligibility for Federal Student Aid.  This number is calculated using the in information provided on your FAFSA application.    
What if I am not offered enough financial aid to cover my budget or cost of attendance?
 The cost of attendance can be met by using a combination of Federal, institutional and private sources (Scholarships from agencies outside of the university such as churches, civic organizations, parents etc…).  However, if the sources are not enough we recommend you seek assistance through the Alternative Loan programs (credit worthy loan) and/or contact the Business Office to set up a payment plan for the balance. 
What is Financial Aid?
 Financial aid is a group of resources, federal, institutional and private combined to assist with meeting the budget or cost of attendance.
You recommended that my parents apply for the Parent Loan, however they have applied and are not eligible, now what can I do?
 Parents of dependent students who are eligible for the parent loan (credit worthy loan) are generally eligible to apply for the amount needed up to the cost of the budget/cost of attendance.  If your parents are not eligible and ineligibility has been confirmed, the student is eligible for additional funding between $4000 & $5000 under the Unsubsidized Loan program.  If this amount still does not meet the budget/cost of attendance, we recommend you seek assistance through the Alternative Loan programs (credit worthy loan) and/or contact the Business Office to set up a payment plan for the balance. 
What is an Alternative/Private Loan?
 An alternative/private loan is a non-federal loan made by an agency such as a bank or credit union. 
How will I know when I have been awarded?
 Once awarded, you will receive an email entitled “Award Notification” from the Office of Financial Aid providing detailed information on where to go in the Student Information System (SIS) to view awards and any actions needed.