Faculty and Staff in the School of Business

Faculty and Staff in the School of Business

The School of Business has 21 full-time faculty members. Thirteen hold the Ph.D. degree, one holds the E.D., one holds the D.B.A., six have master’s degrees and two hold Juris Doctorates. There are two full-time staff members on the main campus and one on the Tulsa campus. 

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 The LUSOB mission statement commits us to developing a new generation of global business leaders by imparting an undergraduate business education that synthesizes theory and practice in the classroom and seeks out first-hand exposure to best business practices.  Our faculty and staff seek to meet the needs of our students at the top of the ability spectrum by providing a range of undergraduate degree programs, as well as, the Master of Entrepreneurship graduate degree program. 



Our Educational Philosophy


To implement our mission, to act in accordance with our values as an institution, and to achieve our vision, we strive to ensure that upon gradation from the School of Business our students have acquired a mastery of the following technical and specialized skills:

•Critical thinking and self-reflection supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis essential to professional effectiveness in one’s discipline;

•Team building, leadership, and professional communication skills;

•Cross-disciplinary skills to understand ethical, global business and non-business discipline insights for enhanced business decision-making;

•Proficient use of technology based tools and programs that support contemporary business analysis and decision-making; and

•Application of one’s disciplines to real problems “in the field” including “service” contributions, and practice in appropriate business etiquette.