English & Foreign Languages

English & Foreign Languages

The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers two plans of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in English and the Bachelor of Arts in English Education. Minors are offered in two foreign languages: Spanish and French. The faculty, eighty percent of whom have doctorate degrees, prepare the entire student body for written language proficiency.

It is the mission of the Department of English and Foreign Languages recognizes its responsibility in helping all students at Langston University to write clearly and appropriately for educated people. We wish to develop in students a proficiency in and an appreciation for the past and present structure of the English language and the literature thereof and to enable students to speak, read and write Spanish or French and to have an appreciation for these and other cultures.

The Department of English and Foreign Languages continue to produce English Education graduates who are culturally diverse, proficient in oral and written language, knowledgeable about major literary works and principles, and are known for their leadership, respect for diversity and academic competence. Further, our graduates will work in, interact with, and have respect for the global marketplace and will know and use at least one foreign language.

In addition to law school, graduate school, and public school teaching, students with well-developed communication skills, such as English majors, have a range of careers from which to choose. According to Career Opportunities in Writing, The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that almost 400,000 people worked as writers and/or editors in 2010, a number that increased by 21 percent during the decade and does not include desktop publishers, whose numbers increased by 67 percent during the same time period.

Faculty & Staff
Dr. Benjamin L. Bates, Chair, Associate Professor
Dr. David A. Carrell, Assistant Professor
Dr. Rabbi R. Karpov, Assistant Professor
Dr. Edmund Kloh, Associate Professor
Mr. Andre Love, Instructor
Dr. Joanna Mann, Professor
Dr. Mary Mbosowo, Associate Professor/French
Dr. Manuel Regueiro, Associate Professor/Spanish
Dr. Christopher L. Stiebens, Assistant Professor
Dr. Stephen Swartz, Assistant Professor
Ms. Loretta Franks, Instructor

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