Dress for Success

Dress for Success

How to dress for career fairs & interviews

Dress CodeThe dress code is Business Professional.

Below are some guidelines for dressing professionally:

  • Business suit in a conservative color (navy, gray, or black are preferred); women may wear suits with either a skirt or pants (For men: dress shirt and tie; For women: blouse that complements the suit; neckline no lower than collarbone; skirt hem should be no more than two inches above the knee)
  • Clothes clean and pressed
  • Shoes: for men—wing tips or loafers with dark socks; for women—low/medium heels or flats with neutral hose.
  • If wearing tie, make sure it is properly tied
  • Small jewelry, minimal jewelry that doesn't distract or make noise
  • Be conservative with perfume and makeup (neutral tones are best, minimal); when in a small space, even a little perfume may be too much, particularly if someone has an allergy, so consider not wearing any. Nail polish should be a light shade or clear.
  • Hair styling should be simple and should not distract; off your face, clean; For men – short hair is preferable (if otherwise, pull away from face); facial hair should be groomed
  • Do not carry purses; a small portfolio or briefcase is acceptable
  • Bring resumes and business cards if you have them